Board Members

Below are the current elected board of directors that are responsible for the governance of the association.
Board members are elected for one (1) or two (2) year terms
For anyone interested in becoming a board member, please submit your candidacy utilizing the Board Member Candidacy Form on the home page of the website
Minimum Board Member Requirements:
  • Must be a member of the association
  • No delinquent dues/assessments or current violations of the governing documents
  • Not involved in legal issues (including litigation) with the association
  • Attend required board meetings
  • Must not have a familial relationship or be a co-owner with any other serving board member
  • Must be able to communicate via email
  • Knowledge and use of virtual meetings applications (e.g. Zoom)
Bernard Sheppard is a long-term Graymoor owner and community leader who is passionate about maintaining the exclusiveness and close-knit nature of Graymoor and is currently serving as the association president. Along with his wife (Lisa Sheppard), he is the father of three (3) children, (2) sons and (1) daughter.  
Professionally, Bernard is an owner-operator of Busy B Laundromat locations in the Chicago area.  offering free Wi-Fi, wash and fold, drop-off services, an ATM, snack and ice cream machines, TVs, security cameras, an attendant on duty and much more. For your next laundry day, visit Busy B Laundromat Chicago Heights.
Clyde Hammond has been a resident of Graymoor for 25 years and has served on the Board in various positions for 15 years. He has owned several companies over his career and is recently semi-retired.
Clyde brings business and historical knowledge to the Board for current and future endeavors. He enjoys what Graymoor has to offer and you can find him regularly enjoying the grounds.
LaNeesha Givens

LaNeesha Givens and her family have been residents of Graymoor since 2021. LaNeesha and her husband have always wanted to live in a unique community of homes with different styles and character that was tranquil, serene, and abundant greenspace to enjoy outdoor living. So Graymoor is a bit of a dream come true!
Professionally, LaNeesha has worked in the public sector for over 25 years serving in various areas of regulatory compliance. In her current position, she inspect homes, businesses, and schools to ensure public safety during the demolition and removal of hazardous materials.
LaNeesha is very passionate about ensuring the Graymoor continues to thrive and drive the needed change to ensure its continued success for all owners in Graymoor.
Rebekah Carpenter has deep family ties to this community and is motivated to work diligently to benefit of everyone in Graymoor. Her husband's parents (Isaac and Dorothy Carpenter) have lived in this community for more than 30 years. Her husband (Isaac Carpenter III) was raised right here in Graymoor, along with other extended family members, and would like to see my her daughter grow up in a warm and thriving neighborhood.
Professionally, she has been practicing law for the past 12 years and has experience handling HOA issues as a consumer financial services litigator, and her goals would be driven by community input, but in short, she would like to address governance, community activities, park creation, and beautification.
Kathryn Humecki is a certified public accountant and financial planner as the principal owner of Kathryn Humecki & Associates, Ltd. located in Olympia Fields
Phone: 708-748-7094
Edward M Peck FAIA moved to Graymoor in 2019 with his wife Kaite to start a family, now with two young girls they actively participate in neighborhood and community activities and improvements. Edward is currently the chairperson of the Graymoor Landscape Committee and together with Katie, a landscape architect and other dedicated neighbors have developed and implemented various beautification projects around Graymoor.
Megan Rork
Megan Rork and husband (and daughter) are so lucky to be Graymoor residents
for the last 4 years and love their perfectly untouched 1957 MCM gem- which they call their
"dream house"- and is grateful to call this neighborhood/community home.
Professionally, Megan is a Realtor with Coldwell Banker and believes she can apply her
expertise to help keep our property values high and pride of ownership shining through.

Graymoor has a significant number of notable mid-century residences, and she wants to
bring her passion regarding preservation and aesthetics to the Board, and believes that she can
get other people excited about having the neighborhood being a special time capsule
destination, and a beautiful place to live.