• chevron_rightWhat are HOA Assessments
    To put it simply, HOA dues are the monthly or annual payments residents make to the homeowners association. These dues go to the association’s operating and reserve funds to pay for community maintenance and improvements.
    Here are some common items covered by homeowners association fees:
    • Common area utilities
    • Landscaping
    • Insurance
    • Cleaning or trash removal
    • General maintenance of community amenities
    • Snow removal
    • Security
    • Parking lot maintenance
  • chevron_rightWhat are Special Assessments
    Special assessments are monies, in addition to the regular monthly assessment, collected by a condominium, townhome, or homeowner's association from its members so that the Association can pay for expenditures not included in the Association's annual budget.
  • chevron_rightWhat is a RSS Feed
    When you select an RSS feed icon (below), you choose to get notified whenever a post goes up, and then you can read a summary or the whole post.
    Just select the available link(s) and icon(s). You will potentially have to download a notifier if your computer does not have one  
  • chevron_rightWhere can send check/money order to? (New)
    The preferred option is online utilizing your checking account or debit/credit card, however, you can mail payments to the following payment address: 
    1020 Park Drive# 314
    Flossmoor, IL 60422
Tree (Fallen/Dead) Removal
  • chevron_rightHow can I vote for board members
    The association will elections via physical ballots and/or online voting
    • Voting online is the direct the association is strategically headed to ensure a wider range of participation in our community. To vote online you must be registered on the website and/or My Account, depending on the online method. The results are instant as a single vote for each home is submitted for the respective candidate(s) of choice.
    • Traditional ballot elections will always be available and can be cast in person or submitted via mail for counting. 
    • The association's position to provide options to ensure everyone always has an option to participate in the elections process